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We work with clients to negotiate and draft prenuptial and postnuptial agreements in order to resolve financial and estate issues that may arise as a result of marriage, death and divorce. We work with the parties through the negotiation, disclosure and drafting processes to help couples understand and fashion reasonable nuptial agreements to address a wide variety of issues.

Planning in this area may include:

  • Consideration for the disposition of wealth upon divorce via equitable distribution and/or alimony
  • Planning for the disposition of wealth upon death including personal and trust planning
  • Defining and/or waiving rights in the context of dissolution of marriage as well as inheritance rights
  • Structuring equitable definitions of separate and joint property interests during and after a marriage
  • Addressing homestead issues
  • Planning for the disposition of retirement assets
  • Providing for and clarifying property rights of children (of the marriage and/or from prior marriages), particularly upon divorce or death
  • Assisting clients in understanding questions that can arise as to fairness of a proposal’s terms, as well as the manner in which an agreement is negotiated and executed