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Dedicated lawyers often say that a client wants to know how much a lawyer cares before they care about how much the lawyer knows.  Careful estate planning is necessary to make certain that property disposed of, during life and at death, passes to the client’s primary beneficiaries – spouse, descendants and other friends and family members – in the most efficient manner, rather than in payment of estate and inheritance tax.  To assist our clients to that end, we serve as counselors to work with our clients’ in defining business and personal needs, and understanding our client’s objectives, wishes and desires.  At Katz Baskies & Wolf PLLC, we believe the process of creating a successful estate plan begins with these thoughtful conversations with our clients, upon which the most effective and efficient plan can be designed and constructed relying upon our knowledge of the applicable legal and tax rules and requirements.

Estate and Gift Tax Planning Strategies

Florida and federal tax laws-permit certain types of assets to be transferred of in the most tax efficient manner, and can be incorporated as part of your overall estate and gift tax plan. In addition to the preparation of wills and revocable trusts, some of the most popular planning strategies include:

  • Life Insurance planning
  • Beneficiary designations for retirement accounts, IRA’s and other forms of deferred compensation
  • Family Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies
  • Third party irrevocable trusts
  • Self- settled irrevocable trusts
  • Lifetime gift programs
  • Charitable Planning

Speak With an Experienced Estate & Gift Tax Planning Attorney

At KBW, we understand your desire to protect the property and resources you have earned so that they may benefit the people you love most. We employ our legal and business knowledge to formulate a plan that best supports your desire to avoid paying unnecessary estate and gift taxes. Contact our firm today to speak with one of our experienced legal professionals.