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January 2013 Katz Baskies LLC Newsletter

January 2013
With the anticipation of significant changes to the tax law, a great deal of the focus of the last several months has been on the planning opportunities resulting from the higher gift and estate tax exemptions in effect prior...
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October 2010 Katz Baskies LLC Newsletter

October 2010
Many clients face the frustrating process of finding decent returns on investments during this period of low-interest rates. But for estate planning purposes, low-interest rates can present tremendous opportunities. For...
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July 2010 Katz Baskies LLC Newsletter

July 2010
If you are like most people, you don’t start income tax planning until the end of the year. It isn’t too early, however, to contemplate the increased tax rates for 2011 and the planning that might occur in 2010....
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March 2010 Katz Baskies LLC Newsletter

March 2010
Now that the President has signed the health care legislation, perhaps Congress will turn its attention to the estate and gift tax. No one knows whether there will be legislation this year, and if there is, whether it...
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